Mangrove cruise with optional kayaking

At high tide, the best place to watch and photograph large flocks of flamingos and other estuary birds is in the mangrove forests of Inhaca Island.

Experience Inhaca Island on the Mangrove cruise. A 20-minute boat trip gets you to this mystic web of salt-tolerant trees and plants, which have specific adaptations allowing them to cope with saltwater immersion, wave action and low oxygen conditions of waterlogged mud in which they grow.

Flamingos gather here in huge flocks, their bright pink underwings making for beautiful photos when they fly together. The birders will enjoy seeing pied kingfishers, egrets, cormorants and if you’re lucky even the resident pelican.

Get really close to nature and take the kayaks with, in order to paddle further into the mangroves where the boat can’t go.