Snorkeling and braai

Not much beats snorkeling in the tranquil and protected waters of the Inhaca marine reserve – a mere 5 minutes by boat from the lodge. Best of all is the beach braai – amazing food at an amazing destination.

It’s best when the tide is pushing such that a group can simply float with the current, exploring the underwater treasures of this strip of shoreline, ending at the conservancy beach. Here you’ll find a shaded gazebo and a cooler box full of ice-cold drinks.

While snorkeling be sure to look out for the various triggerfish species that inhabit this reef. The largest and most prolific is the Titan triggerfish. Another must see is the school of 500+ juvenile green spotted kingfish that congregate just off the most northern rocky point at the end of the pushing tide.

Various species of angel fishes, butterfly fishes, bat fish, goldies, flute fish, surgeons, squirrel fish, boxies and emperors inhabit this reef. But so do venomous lionfish, so watch where you poke your fingers. Remember your underwater cameras/gopros – there is a full chart of reef fish at the lodge for identification purposes.

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