Outdoor living areas

Tropical vibes and amazing views typify the outdoor living spaces at Balistidae. Take a few flights of stairs up from the beach to the spacious main deck and pool. Many sunny days will be spent lazing under the poolside umbrellas, sipping on ice cold drinks and braaing something tasty for lunch.

In the evenings, move down to the sundowner deck where unobstructed views of Maputo Bay, with its colourful pink and orange sunsets can be enjoyed. Watch flamingos wading the sand banks and look out for schools of humpback dolphins patrolling the shallow water hunting schools of mullet.

Guests will enjoy most of their meals at the main patio table, custom-made in central Mozambique from indigenous umbila (kiaat) hardwood timber. The ‘conversation point’ is an ideal place to carry on the evenings’ chats and glass of wine when dinner is over.

Balistidae Lodge has been built to blend in with the indigenous sandveld coastal forest of the Santa Maria Peninsula. Elevated wide timber walkways wind through natural green areas, creating a feeling of a lodge that is working with its environment. Indigenous birds and small mammals like vervet monkeys and bush babies are abundant.